Connecting Smart Safety Glasses

How might we enable technicians to track the connectivity on their smartglassess?

Problem: Technicians have abandoned using smartglasses because they don't understand why photo and video content captured will not upload from glasses onto their phones


  • HVAC Service Techs- need to capture data on site using glasses

  • Supervisors- need to verify and sign off on content uploaded

  • Payroll- needs to apply content onto ticket billed

  • Customer- wants to see content on ticket

Want To:

  • Capture photo and video content on site of work performed

  • Capture Before and after photos and videos of work performed

  • Use photos and videos to Provide transparency and diagnoses

  • Provide customers and supervisors "eyes on site" service

  • Capture diagnostic issue for customers to see through photos and attach onto ticket

And Needs to Feel:

Confident the time spent capturing photo and video content will be seen. Trust smartglasses connects to cellphone on their own. Trust the photo and video content captured from the smartglasses will quickly upload from smartglasses onto a web platform. Successful at doing what they were told to do and doing their job right. Acknowledged for completing the task. Happy they made the customer happy

And They Can't Achieve This Due To:

Content stores on glasses and does not appear on the tech's phone. There are a number of reasons why the content gets "stuck" but there is no messaging or communication to the HVAC Tech on what is causing the content to be stuck on the smartglassses.

With no clear indicator for the HVAC tech to understand why content is stuck, so they get frustrated and abandon trying to uploading content and using the glasses overall

Which Happens When:

Almost every job a tech travels to. HVAC technicians work in environments that don't regularly have any kind of network coverage leaving the cell phone to not have service. Without a network connection, the mobile device is not able to connect to the smartglasses and receive the photo and video data.


  • Work environment lack cellular connection

  • battery on device dies

  • device gets damaged

  • tech gets a new phone and can't program the smartglasses to new phone

  • smartglassses get switched around

  • cell phone does

Smartglasses for HVAC Technicians: Personal Case Study (In Development)

Video and Photo Content Workflow

This Case Study is Under Construction...
Smartglasses for HVAC Technicians: Personal Case Study (In Development)