Bicycle Inter Community Art & Salvage (BICAS)

How can we help a small non profit achieve its big goal of collecting and retaining its donors.

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My Research Methodology

In consideration of the limited time, my tram and I decided we would conduct virtual interviews and send out a survey. The decision to practice these two research formats was only because we had a tight turn around.

While it crossed my mind, I chose to not interact with anyone I was not sure would be involved with non profits for the consideration of time and to not concern "the other perspective" for this project

I personally really enjoy virtual or in-person interviews. You capture the most gold speaking directly with the person and the interview can quick.

Surveys I have found you need a large pool of people to send the survey out to in the hopes of getting some qualitative data back. However, short and sweet you can turn around some data back quickly!

As a User Researcher, I want to understand...

Objective 1:

The mindset of individuals around non-profits.

...and why

Objective 2:

Why do people approach non-profits the way they do.

...and why

Objective 3:

How do people hear about non-profits they have donated to.

...and why.

BICAS A Non Profit Website: Mobile & Web Responsive Redesign Case Study