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My Very First Client

-Robbie Starks, Senior Project Manager, Former Customer

“Grace worked with our team for the better part of a year helping us adopt a new operations platform. She was curious, intuitive, and incredibly good at keeping our needs in mind when she shaped the tools we would use to bring us to the next level with technology. Grace demonstrated an amazing attentiveness to each user's workflow and how she could help them.”

Marquies, IT Support Specialist, Former Customer

“Grace is so pleasant to work with, her energy is very uplifting. Grace has a way of explaining complicated technical information so that anyone can understand.  If that way doesn't work she will try another way.”

-Marcel Broekmatt, CPO, Assignar

“The constructive feedback and customer context that Grace shared with members of the product team during her time at Assignar as Customer Success representative was extremely valuable input for product planning and go-to-market activities.”